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I remember loving The Edible Woman but havent read it in forever!! Thanks. Also The Blind Assassin is a favorite.


The Blind Assassin is my favorite and I was going to reread it, but I decided to try one I had not read before. I am quite enjoying it--I am not sure how I feel about the characters, but it doesn't matter really as I am finding the story and their lives very absorbing! I want to read some of her other earlier books now.


Oh, and Alias Grace is another favorite--I have read it probably three times! :)


It's a long time since I read this and I remember it being a strange, and somewhat disturbing novel.

I don't seem to get around to re-reading any longer, there always see to be so many books Ive yet to read for the first time


I've reread most of her earlier novels in recent years (I think Lady Oracle is the one I've not gotten back to yet) and they've seemed like fresh reads for me every time. Maybe I just wasn't as experienced a reader, and I missed a lot? I really only remembered the supermaket in this one! Heheh Thanks for participating in MARM this year: it's a small but enthusiastic group and I love thinking ahead to next November's plans.


Bookertalk--Yes, it is always a pull--I love rereading some books, but there are SO many new ones and so many on my shelves that I have not yet read. I am enjoying this one--so different than the other Atwood novels I have read.

BiP--I know what you mean--I have read a few novels only recently that I think many other readers read when they first came out. I am not sure (like The Stone Diaries) if I would have appreciated them in the same way I am now. I am sorry I didn't manage more but maybe next year. Sometimes just picking up one book by an author you have never read or not read in a long time is accomplishment enough? Especially when the reading experience is a good one! And thank you for organizing it!


As usual, running late on my reading of both blogs & books themselves! Also, as usual, I enjoyed your review very much. Although Atwood is one of my very favorite authors, I'm afraid I missed #MARM but it's been fun catching all the reviews. I read Edible Woman years & years ago and don't remember much about it, so it's ripe for a re-read! I think you really captured a large measure of Atwood's appeal -- she's such a great storyteller she's relatively easy to read but there's so very much substance there the ideas keep percolating after you've finished. Not many writers manage this.
As for re-reads: I love them! It's really interesting to return to a beloved novel from yesterday and to compare my reactions over time. Sometimes the favorite holds up, sometimes, alas, it doesn't! I love new books, and seem to keep acquiring them, but especially this year they're stacking up unread, while I'm going for the re-reads.

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