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Very interesting pile Danielle, with lots of nice things to choose from! My pick would be A Discerning Eye, as I also like works involving art (I'll definitely have to check this one out). Speaking of art/literature, have you heard of Maria Gainza's Optic Nerve? I read it last summer and loved it but never got around to posting a review. It isn't a mystery/crime/thriller; rather, it's autofiction in which the protagonist, Maria, discusses works of art as they relate to various periods of her life. It reminded me very much of linked short stories, with a strong dose of fascinating art history.

Kathy A Johnson

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Danielle--may the pumpkin pie be tasty and the books un-put-downable :)


Janakay--I don't think I have heard of Optic Nerve--I need to check it out now as it sounds really interesting. Just looked and my library has a copy so I will go in search of it today--thanks! I love books that have art as part of the story. Elizabeth Peters wrote a series of mysteries featuring Vicky Bliss who is an art historian--have you ever read any of those books? Ihave been thinking lately of picking up the first book--I know I have a copy somewhere....


Hi Kathy--Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. Is your son coming home to celebrate--I hope you are able to have a safe and happy holiday! I am going to be reading the new Lisa Unger book, Confessions on the 7:45, as it will need to go back to the library in less than two weeks now and it looks perfect for a long weekend. Mine will be very quiet but I hope it will include some pumpkin pie! ;)

Kathy A Johnson

Hope you enjoy Lisa's book. It sounds really good, and I'm in line for it at the library.

We'll have a quiet day, I think, just the three of us. Our son had to move home for financial reasons, so he will definitely be here :)


Are you interested in the '60s/70s in England specifically, or the era in general? I know what you mean about falling behind quickly: there are always so many things to think about and do.


Kathy--Okay, so, library books are just not working for me very well this year. What I read I really enjoyed but the due date was approaching....although the library, due to quarantining, is not giving fines, I just felt bad about keeping it for longer than I should. So it went back and I will wait for the paperback (the line is a long one, which was part of the guilt involved in returning it). It's nice that your son is home even if under not so nice circumstances. I hope you had a good holiday!

BiP--In the era generally--although I tend to pick up a lot of British lit--but that era was sort of distinct depending on the locale, so it is interesting seeing how things were in different places--such a fast paced//major changes period. I have been behind in everything this year. You would think that working at home more would enable me to have extra time for my own stuff--not having to commute, etc, but in some cases--that commute or gym time was when I was able to read a lot. I have not adapted as well as I wish I had. Hoping for some sense of normalcy next year!

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