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I am, for one, wondering how I will find the energy to comb through all my posts and make an end-of-the-year book list and stats . . . sometimes I do it a week or two late, into january. I will look forward to seeing what your favorites of the year were!

And, ooo, the Dark is Rising series! I read that so very long ago but it's one that has stayed on my shelf all this time. Hopefully it stands up to a revisit because I bet hearing your thoughts on it will prompt me to want to do so.


I can sympathise about your lack of energy for writing about the books you're reading. I'm struggling with the same issue at the moment - every review seems to take me so long to get done.
But I also think we need to be kind to ourselves given the stress this year has caused us all. Last thing I want to do is feel guilty for falling behind with my goals.


The recommendations are good enough to go on. Thanks.


THE DARK IS RISING is a good read for now as, if I'm remembering correctly, it takes place around the winter solstice.


OooooOOo, I'm so excited that you are reading and enjoying the Wendy McGrath works. They are just so, so, so...well, now you know how difficult it is to articulate, but how warming they are somehow. I predict you will enjoy them even more when you are done, and hope you are able to settle into the third one before too long. Isn't it hard to believe we're already wrapping up another reading year? So fast, it goes so fast.


I'm right there with you about lack of energy/motivation to get posts up this month. I hope you've been enjoying your reads and definitely hoping and wishing for a better 2021!


Hi Danielle! The Wendy McGrath books sound very enticing, as does your escape to Italy! (I'm all with you on that. I have a particular weakness for books set in Venice). I think you've done incredibly well with the blog, considering just how tough this year has been, personally and in general. I haven't done nearly as well; my posts on my own blog are done to about one every three months and I've been feeling a bit "blah" about the whole reading thing; I'm reading much less these days. Today, however, I discovered the 2021 European Reading Challenge (I'm sure everyone else knew about it already!) and found my enthusiasm returning. Even if I don't complete it, just thinking about all those unknown writers in all those different countries is like a breath of fresh air! Isn't it funny how those things work? Anyway, hang it there; I enjoy your blog a lot and always look forward to it.

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