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I love the Mrs. Tim novels. They are my favorite of D. E. Stevenson's books. I read Henrietta's War a few years ago and enjoyed it but it might be time for a reread. I don't remember much about it.


The Mrs. Tim books are wonderful! Also loved Henrietta's War. Are you familiar with the series that begins with Diary of a Provincial Lady? They are comfort reads for me. And Daisy Fay sounds like fun. I'll have to see if my library has a copy.


OMG I absolutely love Daisy Fay and I never see her getting any love! :D Even though (as you know) I had to reduce my collection substantially in recent years, this is an old favourite that I've clung to. And, more broadly speaking, this is my favourite prompt of yours so far!


This is an interesting idea for a series of posts - more meaningful than a lot of the prompts I see via the Top Ten Tuesday meme.

How did you come up with the topics?


Jennifer--I am reading the first Mrs Tim book and I love it, too. I love her 'voice'. It is warm and cozy and all the 'bad' things that happen are not so awful they can't be fixed. Just what I need at the moment and I will be buying the next book soon!

Pam--I am reading Mrs. Tim now but I have Daisy Fay on my night table as I hope to squeeze it in this month, too. I read the first few pages and it promises to be equally enjoyable! I have only read the original Diary of a Provincial Lady and loved it but I think it is time for me to revisit it as well and look for the sequels. I think I am going to need some books like these to get through the winter!

BiP--This is definitely one of the more appealing prompts of mine this year, too. It was a meh year for prompts--maybe due to the crazy life we are all living at the moment. I want to switch things up for next year--I have been thinking of a few things I want to do for next year--have you been planning as well? I owe you a proper email! And one of my favorite reads in the past was Fried Green Tomatoes (loved the movie, too) so I look forward to Daisy May--forgot I owned it and am happy to have it on my bedside pile!

Bookertalk--Honestly I think I might have originally copied the idea from someone else--or it was just my own version of those different memes people do (like Book Riots read harder challenge). I just brain storm and write down different reading scenarios--one year they matched the month (one prompt per month) and then I just jazzed it up and thought what would be fun and then made a random list. Each month I take the prompt and go to my shelves and see what pops out at me that matches the theme. I think I am ready to jazz it up for next year now, though! It kind of grows into something new each year! :)

Kathy A Johnson

I have not heard of several of these, and they look like lots of fun. I'll be adding a couple to my list.

I tend to read a lot of older books (as in not published in the past year or two), partly because I read a lot of library books and the wait lists are often long. I'm going to try to read a few newer books this year for a change! It's funny what reading habits we fall into.

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