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Kathy A Johnson

I am almost through with a pile of library books I got at the beginning of the year. Between the library being closed for a bit, and my attempt to winnow down my own stash, I hadn't checked out much from the library for a while. I'm on my last one, Oona Out of Order, which has a couple of people waiting for it. I'm afraid they may have to wait, because I just started it last night!
You have quite an interesting selection there. Good luck! If only we had more time to read...


Oh man. I miss the days when I can easily go to the library to browse. I haven't borrowed physical copies since last year.

Good luck with these, and happy reading!


Thanks for the list. All new to me!


I love seeing your stack of library books. The last time I got any books from the library was back in March. I guess for now I'll continue to read from my stacks or ebooks from the library. Really curious about The Push too - it sort of reminds me of Baby Teeth which I read a couple of years ago. That was quite good so I'm curious how this one will compare. Enjoy your books and challenge!


What a tempting stack of books! I'm curious about the Blue Ticket book.

Jade @ Reading with Jade

Borrowing books you are only mildly curious about is one of the many perks of using the library - if it isn't for you, it can easily be returned and maybe be hopeful for another reader. I am intrigued by a couple of titles here, with only Sarah Moss being an author I do definitely want to get to at some point. I hope a good few of these were well worth the borrow!


I'm so happy to learn I am not the only one who borrows far more books than I have the capacity to read but I love using the library to sample authors I've not experienced before or titles I'm not sure of. It saves a lot of money that way!


All of those sound so interesting (a couple are on my TBR too). The Push is getting SO much press here in Canada, it's crazy. I can see why you're worried that you won't be able to renew!

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