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This sounds so interesting. I love taking notes and making lists and as a life long journaler I can totally get behind this book. And, yes, let us know about the brandy in fishbowl thing. Maybe it needs to make a comeback! haha...

Kathy A Johnson

Sounds really interesting--lists and journals and letters. Irresistible!


Ooh, lists! This sounds intriguing.


A little off topic, but I finished
Mrs Tim in the Regiment & really enjoyed it. I like books set in Scotland and books of letters. This was her journal entries so, close enough. Thanks for the suggestion. Am looking for Elizabeth's Lists but so far, no luck.


Oh. Em. Gee. This sounds amazing. Did you read Anastasia Krupnik when you were a girl, by Lois Lowry? I think I got my list-keeping from her, or, else, as a variation on Harriet the Spy's activities playing "Town". This sounds tremendous...I'll be interested to hear if you feel like it sustains your interest throughout.

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