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I love Station Eleven a lot too, but i'm always stressed out when reading dystopian novels. I would recommend The Children of men by P.D. James (in a genre I wholly didn't expect from her) and one I got on Netgalley a while back:The End We Start From by Megan Hunter. Also, have you read the Testaments? I plan to this year, I'm late to join the bandwagon but I want to finish S1 of the TV series first.

Kathy A Johnson

I generally avoid dystopian fiction, especially lately when the real world has been Too Much, so I can't think of anything to recommend. This book does sound intriguing. I wonder what your final verdict will be?


I'd like to hear the spoilers of how the book came out, but I don't read dystopian novels. I have bad enough nightmares from the real world.


I second the recommendation of Children of Men, but it might be a little slower than this one you've just finished (in the same way that P.D. James' mysteries can take a little more attention too). And I just finished Louise Erdrich's Future of the Living God last night. It was much more about the story of a young woman whose pregnancy leads her to questions about adoption and mothering (about half) and then becomes about how those concerns alter, when the reality of living in the crest of a climate crisis settles in (i.e. affecting how many people can/cannot give birth). I'd thought it was more about society, but it was really more about her story, and I liked that. (I like the other too, but this suited my mood right now.)


I will look for this novel, I read one or two dystopian novels each year and enjoyed Station Eleven. Another I enjoyed was called Dog Star (I think) by Heller.

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