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I haven't read any of these titles, but some of them sure look good! I liked a few Mary Renault when I was younger, but haven't picked any of her books up in ages. Have you read any Mary Stewart? I read her Touch Not the Cat a while back, it's got a garden maze and a mystery in it. . .


The White Garden sounds fascinating!


Oh wow - The German House sounds like a fascinating take on, as you said, a much-written-about topic.


The German House sounds excellent and I must add that one to my list. Enjoyed reading about your Garden-themed possibilities. I haven't read a Stephanie Barron book in forever. That sounds like a fun mystery!


I’m liking your February prompt, there’s some interesting sounding books in your list. I’m also a fan of Susannah Kearsley and have read this one - if I remember right it had quite a few Mary Stewart vibes about it and was an enjoyable read. The White Garden is definitely going on my TBR a list for when I’m next in the mood for a mystery.

gina in alabama

I read The White Garden over Christmas and enjoyed it. It helps to have some knowledge of Bloomsbury folk and their lives. Sissinghurst, Charleston, Monk's House in Rodmell, but all that is easily googled. I also read Barron's Jack 1939 published under her real name, Francine Mathews. It was a good read, racing through prewar Europe eluding and pursuing a murderer, on a mission from FDR.

Jade @ Reading with Jade

Ooo... I do like the sound of that Susanna Kearsley, plus I have The Last Garden in England on my wishlist. This is such a fun prompt; I hope you enjoy your time with these titles.


The whole lot are new to me and I am so entranced with the list, I've written all of them down for future reference (whenever, wherever). Unlikely to be soon however. Loved reading the snippets on each.


I've not read any of these but I think there's also a book by Kate Mosse called Labyrinth too? A doorstopper historical fiction volume, IIRC. That's such a great theme (one of my personal faves)!

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