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Simon T (StuckinaBook)

Take care, Danielle. Socially distanced hugs!

Claire (The Captive Reader)

Have you tried Susanna Kearsley? She writes intelligent historical novels, always with excellent romances, and I know plenty of Mary Stewart fans who love her. My favourites are The Shadowy Horses and A Desperate Fortune.


I loved Beach Read last year... funny and enjoyable by anyone

A Veiled Deception by Annette Blair - read a long time ago, is on my romance goodreads list - reminds me of Cleo Coyle a bit

I have a pretty good list of ‘trashy historicals’ and another of contemporaries e.g. Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Cruise, but those don’t seem to fit with your list?

Margaret Powling

Perhaps not romantic reads, Danielle, but I have loved the books of Fiona Davis, each one about an iconic New York City building and a story woven around it. Not commented for ages, hope you are well. For UK-set romantic reads, Heidi Swain is excellent. Right now I'm reading Natasha Lester's A Paris Secret and absolutely loving it (there are several books, however, with the title A Paris Secret). I also wish that Kathatine McMahon would bring out a new book, but I have a long list of books on order (about 16!), many of them favourite writers of mine such as Rosanna Ley, Lucinda Riley, Charlotte Betts and Renee Rosen.


Hi Simon--That is so sweet and happily received. I think the isolation is getting me to (like everyone else this year!).

Claire--How could I forget Susanna Kearsley--she is someone I could reread with pleasure. I have not read either of those two, and I have Shadowy Horses on my TBR-thank you!

Byrd--Hello-thank you. I am open to any and all suggestions. I have looked at Beach Read--maybe the would be a pleasant diversion! I know I have the first couple of Cleo Coyle books and I was just looking at the first on my shelves this week (looking for my next mystery read). Annette Blair sounds a little like Barbara Michaels, so maybe I shall try one of hers.... And I honestly don't mind a little riskier romance--just need to find the right one. I have started a couple but the chemistry between the pairs just didn't quite convince me, so I guess I was disappointed and the books have been set aside. Will take a look at Jennifer Cruise, who I am not familiar with. Thanks!

Hi Margaret--It is so lovely to hear from you! It has been ages and I am sorry I have been very absent from here for too long! I wonder if the Fiona Davis is The Masterpiece, which is one of my last purchases and you are right her books are not exactly romances but usually have a dash of it thrown in the stories. I will have to pull it from my pile and dip into it. I am wholly supportive of your book buying habit--so nice to know you have lots of wonderful mail coming. I have books by Lucinda Riley as well as Renee Rosen and I think maybe Charlotte Betts so I shall be browsing online from all these wonderful suggestions!!


Seconding Susanna Kearsley. I thought of her as soon as I saw your list. The Winter Sea is my favorite and The Splendour Falls reminds me a lot of Mary Stewart’s books.


Susan Howatch. Love the books which is a mix of life, church politics all set in England. I liked very much the underlying feeling in the stories that despite being high church etc everyone was human first of all, with all its frailties and failings.

Thank you for the links though I have not tracked any of the authors down, I still like to make a note of your recommendations.


Have you watched To all the Boys I've Loved Before? I thought it was sweet. I'm not sure there's been anything romantic in my stack lately. But I'm getting ready to reread Carol Shields' The Republic of Love, later today, probably, in fact!


I think you might enjoy A Sky Painted Gold by Laura Wood - it’s a gorgeous coming of age story set in 1920s Cornwall, very reminiscent of I Capture The Castle (with a touch of Gatsby). The Blue Castle by LM Montgomery and Frederica by Georgette Heyer also spring to mind.


Mrs. Mike by Benedict and Nancy Freedman, and also These Is My Words by Nancy Turner are a couple of my favorites. And of course, How Green is My Valley (Richard Llewellyn)

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