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Simon T (StuckinaBook)

Lovely to have you joining in the club, Danielle! And I was so pleased when I found this image - doesn't it make you want to sit on the other chair and join in?


I almost picked this one because I don't remember reading it, but my library didn't have a copy.

I also read books at the gym (well, pre-pandemic when I went to the gym) and sometimes I forget where I am if the book is engrossing and irritated people waiting ask loudly if they can have my machine. I am always quite abashed, although when I see people reading I simply go to another weight.


I've late with this event too, Danielle! I've barely begun Rebecca West's The Thinking Reed. And I even made a note of the event when it was announced later last year...but I didn't have the note at hand when I needed it. *shrugs* Well, we just keep reading, right? :D


1936: a good year for books! GONE WITH THE WIND, BALLET SHOES, the wonderful CADDIE WOODLAWN, and the even more wonderful ROLLER SKATES!

booker talk

Don't worry, I was late too with my choice of book and didn't finish it until the final day of the week so of course the review was late.

Yep Miss Marple is more to my taste than Poirot too

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