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Suzanne | A Novel Project

Your outdoor reading spot sounds lovely! I am also in the Midwest but we've had persistent rain. I'm looking forward to sunny reading days ahead!

Sam Sattler

What you have been going through with your book blogging is not at all uncommon (as I'm sure you know). Almost every blogger I've followed for a number of years has gone through exactly the same thing...sometimes more than once. Me, included, of course.

Just know, we're still out here, and still reading whatever you are inclined to post.


And I assume that by "little chat" you mean, here is a nice soft blanket and a bowl of something warm and tasty? It must be very hard to be a creature without a proper home and we can so easily bring a moment of pleasure to our wee furry neighbours. :)


I understand where you're coming from re: blogging as I've let mine slide a bit as well. It's just been such a strange time, it's hard to stay connected with what used to be "normal."

I've been reading a lot of library books, too. Possibly since my library was closed for part of last year and I was mostly reading from my own shelves. My TBR list was growing even more unwieldly than usual, even though my TBR stack was shrinking. Now the pendulum is swinging in the opposite direction.

I hope all is well with you, Danielle, and that you'll soon be enjoying your porch reading nook. It sounds delightful!

Also, we just heard that our Broadway series will be starting up again in the fall--I can't wait!


I look forward to a picture of your new porch and chair! I enjoyed Carrie very much, a lot more than I'd thought I would; and I wish Stephen King would have written some short books like this one again, instead of door-stoppers which I always hesitate to invest in. Blogging moods come and go. I still prefer blogging instead of moving to bookstagram or whatever it's called. I've let go of the reading challenge with the prompts that didn't inspire me, so don't blame yourself for just following your moods!


I've returned a couple of times to this blogpost already without commenting, yet my thought hasn't changed since the first time reading it. What I keep thinking is write whenever you feel like it Danielle, there are no should's and oughts. These difficult pandemic times have had an impact on all of us, changed and often drained us. So write
when it feels right and we will find you here when we come to visit your place on the internet. It will be another rhythm altogether but maybe one suiting you best now.


Happy reading! I too am returning to blogging and am feeling very rusty!

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