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I like the sound of The Girls in the Picture. Spoiled for choice though.


I have already read "Tipping the Velvet" and it is very good. The only other Sarah Waters book I have read is "Fingersmith". I have not heard of any of the others, but "Delayed Rays of a Star" sounds interesting, though maybe that is because the characters are such interesting people.


I really liked Tipping the Velvet. I haven't read any of the others, but Lucky Break sounds fun!


DELAYED RAYS OF A STAR sounds fascinating.

I am traveling this month of May, so all the books I choose shall be set in faraway climes. I've been alternating fic and nonfic and already read THE SCENT TRAIL (history of perfumes) and LOVE AND DEATH AMONG THE CHEETAHS ("Royal Spyness" mystery with Georgie married and honeymooning in Africa). Now reading a book about the Seine, which is delightful.

Also continuing my Gladys Taber re-read.


I might read the Amy Bloom, but only because I keep starting her and never finishing her (and never for any good reason, only circumstance). That's a great theme BTW. (And the Waters is great fun.)

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